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Corporate Responsibilities


Work Place Safety

Whether it's a pump factory or an office cubicle, a safe workplace is the foundation for a successful workplace. When employees feel protected on the job, they can focus on more productive and rewarding endeavors such as product innovations and improved customer service.

The ITT Environment, Safety and Health Management System provides for the systematic control of environmental, safety and health (ESH) risks. Using this system, operational, administrative and cultural ESH processes are standardized and applied to continually improve environmental and occupational safety and health performance.

ITT India has established a "zero accident" goal.

Employee Health Programs

ITT India provides a wide variety of health programs to help our employees maintain a high level of physical fitness. These range from;
  • Organizing health awareness programs,
  • Conducting ergonomic study at our workplace to help prevent ergonomic injuries and safer workplace;
  • Healthy lunch offerings.
  • Annual preventive health screenings for our workers.
  • Monthly industrial hygiene monitoring program which helps us to ensure our commitment to provide safe work place environment to our employees.