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India Technology Center (ITC) of ITT Corporation started it's operation from November 2007 in Vadodara, a city with around 1.5 million population in western India. This is also the first major facility of ITT in India. The center is providing engineering and new product development services to support emerging markets for ITT's commercial businesses - Indusrial Process, Control Technologies, InterConnect Solutions and Motion Technologies. The center, currently with 15+ engineers, is focusing on localizing products where needed to meet the region's unique needs and assisting the Value Centers in achieving their growth goals in emerging markets. "One of the primary roles for the India Technology center is to localize products so we can have a growth in the Asia Pacific region," - said Rabindranath Burman, Managing Director of ITT India.

ITC, a centerpiece of ITT's emerging markets strategy, has been gradually developing deep competencies in several core technology areas of Industrial Process. ITC is a conglomeration of various Value Centers of ITT. Already three VCs (IP, CT and ICS) are present under this umbrella.

The center is taking advantage of a deep pool of local experienced engineers and strong intellectual property rights protection to create a global design resource focused on meeting the needs of local customers, while adding unique skills and depth to ITT's global engineering capability.
In the recent 4 years, it has achieved a modest success in supporting value centers in product de-featuring, value engineering, product extension, and expansion. Three projects have been received the prestigious ITT's "Engineered for Life" award till today.

"I am getting excellent reports on the work being done by the ITC team on various projects. We are very pleased with the efforts by the ITC team and the quality of work," said Charlie Cappellino, Executive Sponsor of ITC and VP- Research, Development & Engineering of ITT Industrial Process.


  • Pro-E
  • Pro Mechanica
  • AutoCAD
  • Eagle
  • Code Composer Studio
  • PADS
  • Fluent/CFX (CFD)


Extensive training plan is in place from incept of this organization with solid tracking matrix. Corporate Visions and Values are upheld maintaining 100% Ethics and Compliance program. Engineers are deputed to VC facilities to work hand in hand with site engineers for important product development activities as well as training.

Following skills and product development capabilities have been identified to realize the benefits of a market focused technology center to position ITT products with Global flavor and still adapt to local requirements.


  • parametric 3D modeling & PMI
  • Complex surface modeling
  • Hydraulic design calculations
  • Mechanical design
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • PLC programming
  • Product documentation (IOM)
  • VB, Pro/Program
  • Hydraulic re-rates, e-prism
  • 3d Scanner
  • Root cause analysis
  • Global engineering design support


  • New Product Development
  • Live Order Development
  • Live Order Engineering
  • Product Localization
  • Product Engineering
  • ProCast Engineering
  • Design Automation Tools
  • Product redesign/Value Engg

Following projects have been successfully completed with an approach “Create the Future”, with emphasis on “Customer Focus, Global Strategy and Strategic business perspective”

Hydraulic Extensions for 3600 Multi-stage pumps, optimized work cycle and reduced turn-around time for creating hydraulic volutes, casting and machining drawings for 3 new sizes as per challenging time schedules.

Developed Web based Pump Automation Tool for auto-creation of GA drawings as per customer inputs, for 6 pump model lines, to meet customers engineered requirements with a quick turnaround time.

Value Engineering of AXS actuator, optimized product design, manufacturing process and material for components of AXS actuator realizing 30% cost reduction

Developed programs using C/C++ for developing control programs for Kaliburn and products for Plasma sheet metal cutting machines

Next Immediate targets

  • Strengthen NPD and LOD support activities for Product Research and Development projects as part of a global team
  • Support India specific product localization activities for API (3700), Inductrial/Chemical (IC) pumps and Vertical Pumps (VIT, VIS).
  • Establish dynamic analysis (FEA) and Flow simulations (CFD) for Vertical Turbines
  • Strengthen the Aftermarket engineering team for Upgrade and ProCast Engineering, for Asia Pacific and EMEA markets
  • Provide Technical support for Materials Technology for Asia Pacific, EMEA markets